Ulugbek Madrasah

Sher-Dor Madrassah
Sher-Dor Madrassah
Ulugbek Madrasah is located in the western part of the architectural ensemble of Registan, in a two-storey quadrangular building of size 56 x 81 m. (1417-1422). Facade directed to the area, in a complex of monumental portal with a wide arch (height 16.5 meters), there are towers on both sides with the height of 32 meters.

The picture of the starry sky? at the top of the arch has peculiar ornaments. The tops of the towers are completed by capitals and carved ornaments. The edges of the arches, columns and the portal exterior walls are embellished with unique designs in the style of geometric ornament girih. Light enters the room through the ganch grates. Decorated with geometric designs, inlaid with dark blue and light blue mosaic and ceramic bricks, Ulugbek madrassah attracts the attention. Passage in the quadrangle (30 x 30 m) yard is through the portal columns. Along the perimeter of the yard there are 48 double-decker cells ? hujra. Each cell has a storage room, a bedroom and a living room. In the northern and southern parts of madrasas there are also towers. On all four sides of madrassah there are classes and verandas. Mosque (22 x 8 meters) extends to the south and east sides. From the outside the four corners there are high minarets. The chapel and some houses are embellished by various ornamental patterns. Among the patterns some writing in the traditional style of Arabic writing ?kufi? and ?suls? can be discerned.

In 1936 two floors of mosque and the tilted tower were restored. Thanks to the harmonious overall shape and structure of each the Ulugbek madrassah is considered the most perfect example of this kind of structures in the architecture of Central Asia.

Combining the highest examples of architectural and decorative arts Ulugbek gives visitors the spiritual pleasure and immense joy of closeness to high art.