Trading house (pavilion Palvan-kari)

Trading house (pavilion Palvan-kari)
Trading house (pavilion Palvan-kari)

Trading house is located opposite the eastern wall, it was built in 1905 by Khiva merchant Palvan Kari. Trading house Palvan Kari has specialized in the sale of fabrics and perfumes from the Russian market – Orenburg, Astrakhan and Nizhny Novgorod. By 1913, the Trading House expanded the network of services ; they began selling sewing machines and repaired them.

Now the building is renovated, there is a stationary exhibition “Khorezm during the years of independence” inside of it.  Totally, there are 315 exhibits. The exhibition was created in 2011 for the 20th anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence. The author of the subject-exposition plan is the doctor of historical sciences Khudaibergenov K. The exhibition displayed photos of culture, life, education, sports, agriculture and industry for 20 years of independence of Khorezm. It exhibits products of national masters of Khorezm, medals and cups won by the Khorezm athletes at the Asian and the Republic Championships. Useful area is 110 sq. m.



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