Trading house (pavilion Palvan-kari)

Trading house (pavilion Palvan-kari)
Trading house (pavilion Palvan-kari)

Shopping Centre, completed in 1905, is located directly opposite the eastern wall Palvan-Kari. The main specialization of the shopping center was a ladies’ perfumes and various overseas fabric imported from Turkey, Russia. Business developed successfully, and the beginning of 1913 a network of shopping centers spread out to other parts of the country. Also expanded the list of provided services in the shopping center. It became possible to buy and fix a broken item, such as a sewing machine.


Today the complex has experienced many repairs and restorations. Now here an exhibition dedicated to the history of Khorezm. The exhibition includes over three hundred artefacts, covering various aspects of the historical development of Uzbekistan. The exhibition, which opened in 2011, has consistently attracted many visitors from distant countries. Today, the exhibition can be seen:

  • Cultural objects;
  • Various historical photographs;
  • Ancient artifacts;
  • Ethnographic findings and so on.



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