Not in restaurants and not super chefs hats, and a family of Uzbekistan, for the festive table. When kids running around, and snowflakes falling into hot oil. When the younger helping the older, everything is home-made, and women are entrusted only to chop onions and carrots. That is very correct. Not to spoil and to prepare the main dish of Uzbek cuisine can only be a man with his completely different energy. In each Uzbek family head chef – senior man. Be sure to watch this video recipe of Uzbek pilaf. Here it is visually shown how to cook risotto at home, the extent to which fry meat and onion, how much salt to put and even how to “throw” the rice in the plate.

In the second part of the video pilaf for thousands of guests. The sight of a giant cauldron, brim full of crumbly pilaf, as well as pieces of meat, each weighing under a kilogram, can not but admire the look of a gourmet.

Source: centralasia-travel.com