National symbols

The national flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan symbolizes the country’s traditions and historical links with the states that existed within its today’s territory in the past. The blue stripe is a symbol of blue skies and life-giving water. Besides, blue was the color of Tamerlane’s imperial flag. The white stripe symbolizes peace, moral and spiritual purity, daylight, sincerity and best wishes. The green one is a symbol of nature, youth, hope and joy. The thin red stripes between the wide ones signify flows of vital force connecting the earth and the sky with people’s pure souls.

The image of a young crescent moon is a traditional symbol the Uzbeks have been using for centuries in various senses (political power, Islam, etc). It is also a symbol of the birth of Uzbekistan’s independence. The three rows of twelve stars refer to a solar calendar year which begins on Nowruz, usually on March 21 (Persian New Year; also spelled Nawruz, Navruz, Novruz). They also refer to the twelve principles of ruling a country (set forth in a work of Muhammad Khwandamir, a Persian historian and Islamic scholar; also spelled Khvandamir, Khondamir, Hondemir): justice, prowess, commitment, moral values, etc. According to Asian medieval scholars, the twelve stars also signify universal wholeness and perfection.

National coat of arms. The central part of the National Coat of Arms of Uzbekistan is the mythical creature Huma (also spelled Homa, Humo, Khumo), a bird of happiness and love for freedom. Behind it there is a fertile valley with two rivers flowing across it (referring to the rivers Amudarya and Syrdarya) and the sun shining over it. The bird and the valley with the sun are surrounded by a wreath made of wheat (right half) and cotton (left half) – the country’s staple crops. The emblem is crowned with an eight-pointed blue star Rub el Hizb – a symbol of Islam (professed by a majority of Uzbekistan population) as well as the country’s unity – with a crescent and a star inside it. Running around the wreath halves and placed under the bird is a band with the three colors of Uzbekistan national flag.