Madrasah Qozi Kalon was built in 1905 by the chief judge (Qadi Kalan) of Khiva Salim Akhoon. The appearance of madrassahs and its dimensions are small and do not differ from other contemporary madrassahs. But the principle of teaching at those times this madrassah differed from other religious educational institutions. Here, along with other spiritual sciences they law studied, provided knowledge regarding rules and regulations of different taxes and dues (zakat), i.e. legal knowledges.

The madrassah is decorated by the low portal in front with the central facade facing north. Under a portal there is an entrance to a three-domed mionsaray madrassah through the doors decorated with carved patterns. On the right and on the left of the three-domed lobby the domed rooms of the winter mosque and the audience for students of the madrassah are located. In the madrassah there are 15 hujras roofed by the vault in ?Balkhi? style. Renowned masters of Khorezm took part in the construction of the madrassah Hudaibergen Haji, Qalandar Kochum, Baghbek Abdurakhmanov, Matchon Kulimov, Voyis Kulol and others. According to the statement of the national master-ornamentalist Abdulla Baltaev 35 students studied in the madrassah.

Currently in the premises of the madrassah the exposition of the museum of history of ?Musical art of Khorezm? is placed. The exhibit space is 125 sq.m. Totally 352 subjects are exposed in exposition reflecting the history of music in Khorezm from ancient times to the present days. Visitors here can optionally listen to ancient melodies (maqom) of Khorezm. The overall dimensions of the madrassah is 32,5h23,4 ms