Madrassah Mazar Sharif

Madrassah Mazari Sharif
Madrassah Mazari Sharif

Rakhimkulikhan had a son by the name Issa Tura,? who for some time? was hokim (Govenor) of the city Tashauz (the city is in the territory of Turkmenistan now) and? near Pakhlavan Mahmoud?s mausoleum he constructed a madrassah on his own name and called it ?Mazari Sharif? (?the Grave of the Noble?). People have such a legend to tell about this. They say that Issa Tura, while making his pilgrimage, Hajj to Mecca, got sick in Istanbul, then he was put in his kajava (a kind of stretcher carrying rulers, courtiers and distinguished persons of the courtyard), and as such was taken to the? Hajj and brought back.

Upon his return to Khiva, he told about what happened to the Khan. Muhammad Rakhimkhan Sani (Feruz) sitting on his? throne told to Issa Tura that ? ?while making a pilgrimage one has to endure the difficulties of the road?. Some time passed and Issa Tura following the advice of the? Khan well prepared once again for making pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca. On his way back from Hajj Issa Tura? got sick once again, but in the town of Mazari Sharif (the town located in northern Afghanistan). Having arrived after recovery to Khiva, the prince constructed? small madrassah for kindred and he gave to the name called ?Mazari Cheriffe? to honor of that town.