Kalta Minor (Kalminor)

Kalta Minor (Kalminor)
Kalta Minor (Kalminor)

Kalta Minor (Kalminor) is the minaret, located in the territory of Ichan Qala ? the inner city of ancient Khiva. Built in 1855. The minaret of Kalta-Minor (short minaret) was conceived by Muhammad Amin Khan as the largest in the Muslim East (diameter at the basis ? 14.2 m). According to plan was the? altitude of the minaret got to be 70/80 meters high and the diameter was sharply to decrease with the altitude, so that to make the minaret more stable. But the construction works stopped at an altitude of 29 m.

According to Agahi, the historian? of Khiva construction was not completed due to the death of Muhammad Amin Khan in 1855. A legend narrates that? Emir of Bukhara, having learnt about the? construction of the unique minaret in Khiva wanted to have the same built in Bukhara, and had a deal with the master that he would do so once he finished his work in Khiva. However the Khan of Khiva having learn? of this gave the order to kill the wizard immediately after he finished the construction. The news reached the master and he escaped having left the? minaret unfinished.

Minaret is known precisely because of its incompleteness, as well as due to the unique decor (Kalta Minor ? the only minaret, completely covered with glazed tiles and majolica).


source: welcomeuzbekistan.uz