Figs (fig tree, fig, fig, fig tree, wine berry) – presumably the oldest cultivated plant on Earth. This is his fig leaves used by Adam and Eve to make his first clothes. As a rule, ripe figs are stored for a short time and do not tolerate transportation, so often figs are consumed in dried form, which, however, does not detract from its curative and nutritional properties, and even contributes to their concentration. Ancient doctors used figs as a medicine for coughing, heart ailments and throat diseases, against excess weight, hangover, stress and even, oddly enough, diabetes. In the fig contains a large amount of fiber and minerals: iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus; Vitamins B and C, as well as glucose and fructose, proteins, fats, organic acids and tannins. In fig fruits, there are a lot of seeds, and the more of them, the better and tastier the fruit is.

In Uzbekistan, it is said that if you sleep in the summer on aivan (clay or wooden elevation, built in the yard) before the full sunrise, you will feel tired all day and your head will become heavy. But Alijon did not have the opportunity to test this on himself, as the day of the apprentice tabib (healer) began long before the appearance of the first rays of the sun. In addition to the usual business cases, he was also charged with putting a lot of medicinal herbs and rootlets of various kinds on drying. At the same time, before dinner, they should again be brought into a dark barn until the next morning. Although Boltabo-Bobo, his mentor, explained that this is done so that the plants are dried gradually, warmed only by the soft rays of the morning sun, do not burn out and do not lose their medicinal properties, the twelve-year-old Aligon developed the opinion that the old man had invented all this Only in order to exhaust it even more.

But suspicions are suspicions, and the instructions of the elders must be followed, especially when these instructions come from your teacher. And now the last bunch of fragrant moychechak (field chamomile) lay on the mat. When he had washed himself, the boy began spreading the dastarkhan on the same aivan, making tea and setting up cakes that had been brought by Mohima-opoy, a resident of a neighboring village, whose son had recently been treated by a tabyb from a sore throat. After all the preparations for the non-meal (breakfast) were over, Alizhon called Bolt-Bobo, and after reading the prayer they set out to eat.

The old man liked to tell his pupil about the properties of this or that drug, the ingredients for him, and to devote to plans for the near future. Here and this time, dipping a piece of cake into the tea, he asked:
– And tell me, bolam (my boy), do you like figs?
– Of course, udoz (teacher), but who does not love him? – the boy was surprised at the question of such an obvious thing. “We do not get down from the kishlak guys from the trees when he rushes.”
“Well, then, you’ll definitely like our current collection,” the tabib continued. – We will go to the garden of Djurabekoglu, which is higher upstream of the dariya (river), and must collect at least three baskets of figs. After all, this is one of the most useful fruits in our area. Those who know about its properties and who know how to properly store it and store it are much less appealing to me than others, but such, alas, very little, so we should prepare more of these paradise fruits. Not for nothing in many nations, figs are considered sacred. Even the great Ibn Sino (Avicenna) said that there is no plant more useful, especially for old people. You will know, yigit (young man), that fig fruits have a healing effect almost from all diseases of old age. And young people should eat it at least in order to restore the forces necessary for labor and battles.
“For battles?” – Aljon was surprised.
“And for battles too,” Bolta-Bobo confirmed. – The warriors of Iskander himself (Alexander the Great) tried to always carry a small amount of dried figs, so that you can quickly restore strength and get rid of hunger in their grueling campaigns. Of course, after drying, the figs will not be so delicious, but they will not lose useful properties, you already believe me … I see, you already ate. Then let’s bring the rest of the food into the house and get ready – we need to get back before the sun starts to burn at full strength.

In principle, no special preparations for the collection were required either by Alizhon or by the tabib, so ten minutes later the teacher and pupil, having seized volumetric baskets, were already moving along the dusty path. Trying not to step barefoot on the bunches of amber (camel thorns), they soon reached the garden, if you can call a dozen trees growing without any fence.

But a small amount did not prevent them from providing the surrounding villages with sweet fig fruits, as they were fruitful in huge numbers, and even twice a year. This, as Alizhon learned from his mentor, was another feature of the fig, for which he was so loved by people. Almost all the trees were old, under two hundred years, at the expense of

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