Traveling about Uzbekistan is possible at any time of the year but the best periods to come are from March to July and from September to October inclusive. The period from the end of June to mid-August, called chilla by the locals, is the hottest: the day temperature frequently rises to 40C and even higher in some parts of the country. Autumn is warm and abundant in agricultural produce; the bazaars are full of a wide variety of cheap and quality fruits, vegetables and cucurbit crops. At the end of November the day temperature may still remain around 10. Although the average winter temperatures are not far below zero, they may occasionally drop to around minus 15 in the cities and lower in the mountains and the steppe areas. Showers, rains and snows in spring, autumn and winter are occasional; they are less frequent and shorter than in Europe, for instance.

Average Temperatures
C Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Max 8 12 18 25 32 37 40 38 32 25 18 11
Min -1 1 5 11 16 18 21 18 12 7 3 0